Juicy Cold-Pressed Juice
Squeezed Cold Pressed Juice | Best-Seller | 100% Raw & Natural
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Juicy Cold Pressed Fruit Juice - Distributed by Provenance Distributions

Juicy is 100% cold-pressed fruit juice made with only fresh, raw and natural ingredients. No sugar added, no preservatives or additives, and is not made from concentrates.


Every Juicy juice is 100% raw and natural, with no added sugar or water, and it comes in an exciting range of blends such as: ‘Perky Gingy’ – a blend of orange, carrot, ginger, turmeric, ‘Get Acai-ted’ – a blend of organic acai, lime, honey, apple, ‘Butterfly Elderflower Honey Tea’ – a blend of blue peaflower, cold-brew black tea & elderflower, and more.


Even though Juicy is made with the freshest fruits, it has a long shelf life because it’s the only cold-pressed juice in Singapore that undergoes High-Pressure Processing (HPP) – a revolutionary technology that utilizes cold pressure to significantly extend the shelf life of raw juices without the use of heat treatment, preservatives or any other chemical additives. HPP also preserves the beautiful natural flavour and essential nutrients of fruit juices without the addition of sugar or concentrates.


Juicy is proudly bottled in Singapore and distributed in Singapore by Provenance Distributions.

Interested in finding out more? Please browse through the Juicy product kit.

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Juicy Cold Pressed Juice - Distributed by Provenance Distributions
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